JustFA Technology Platform

A place to deliver full advice to your clients online

Full Advice Cycle
Efficient and Secure
Changing the face of Financial Advice
Complementing traditional advice with a pure online advice experience to service more clients
Making Advice Affordable
Reduce the costs of providing quality, personalised financial advice for a new generation of aspirational clients
Modern Way to Service
By supporting a fully online advice process we help to free-up time spent on manual operations to focus on clients and investments
Building Efficiency and Scale
With our technology we support financial advisers in helping more people to get much needed financial advice
Client Interaction
All Platform Functions
Full Advice Cycle Online
Client Interaction
Our client engagement tools allow advisers to communicate with clients in a fully complaint manner through chats, audio and video calls, with automatic recording. Screen sharing and co-browsing give advisers and clients the feeling of a virtual presence
All Platform Functions
The platform offers all the main functions of a modern investment platform, with multiple tax wrappers, payments and transfers. The platform gives access to a selection of managed portfolios which cater for a variety of client risk profiles and investment preferences.
Full Advice Cycle Online
Advisers get access to an all-in-one advice and investment platform in a single secure environment. Full adviser workflow covers adviser back-office, financial review tools and document management, coupled with CRM and accessible client data.
About JustFA Technology

We have built and continue to improve the JustFA advice and investment platform around new and emerging adviser needs. We aim to make high-quality, personalised and affordable financial advice a reality for everybody and want to help UK financial advisers to make it a reality.

We strive to empower financial advisers with modern and easy-to-use technology and a choice of clear investment options, so that they can serve clients better and more efficiently. We aspire to help reshape the financial advisory industry by bringing a new online experience for advisers and their new or existing clients.

By combining modern technology and traditional advisory services, we help to bring financial advice to everybody who needs it, to help improve their wellbeing and to build common prosperity.

Client Testimonial
“JustFA strengthened our capabilities and brought a new generation of clients” William Green, H&D Wealth
Client Testimonial
“Even old dogs can learn new tricks - this is exactly what we needed”
Client Testimonial
“With JustFA every IFA company now can be FinTech”
Platform Services
Simple all-in fee for 24/7 access to Financial Advice facilitation, Custody and Execution services
0.25% Per Year
Investment Management
Variety of investment options to match clients risk profiles and preferences, run by experienced investment managers
0.25% Per Year
Advisory Services
Advisors can fully customize their services with different frequency of reviews for their clients, different levels of fees and investment implementation

How It Works

Full advice cycle online, from client engagement to investment and maintenance, supported by modern technology and the dedicated JustFA support team

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JustFA for Clients

Investing in Your Future

Affordable traditional adviser services with online convenience

Affordable Financial Planning For You
JustFA helps UK financial advisers to provide clients with affordable quality financial advice, to help people from all walks of life to plan their future
Convenient Online Service
Clients on the JustFA platform are provided with advisory and investment services online, using modern technology, to make it easier and more convenient for clients to use
Qualified Advisers
Qualified Advisers who use the JustFA platform are able to service you when it is convenient for you – you will never be left on your own and your adviser is just an online call away.

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