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Investing in Your Future
Affordable traditional adviser services with online convenience
Affordable financial planning
We focus on making quality financial advice affordable, to help people from all walks of life to plan their future.
Convenient online services
We provide advisory and investment services online, using modern technology, to make it easy and convenient to use.
Adviser team support
We have a team of highly qualified advisers to service you – you will never be left on your own and our advisers are just an online call away.
Expert Advice
Easy To Follow
Wealth Preservation
Qualified Financial Advisers
Our financial advisers are qualified by recognised professional bodies to provide you with a wide range of financial planning services. They will regularly review your financial situation and recommend investment and pension choices suitable for your needs.
Easy-to-follow Financial Planning
You will be able to follow the advice process online with your adviser taking you all the way through the process. In addition to more standard chat and video call tools, our technology will also allow you to follow your adviser on-screen.
Focus on Wealth Preservation
After reviewing your financial situation your adviser will recommend an investment portfolio to you from a range of investment options carefully designed and managed by an experienced investment management team with a focus on long-term growth and wealth preservation.

We have built the JustFA platform around your needs. We believe that people need to be confident and feel safe when it comes to financial planning and investing. Everybody deserves clear and honest financial advice from a professional adviser.

We empower our team of expert financial advisers with modern and easy-to-use technology and a choice of clear investment options, so that they can serve you better and more efficiently. You have access to affordable advisory services and can invest your money into professionally managed investment portfolios, to grow your wealth and stay on top of your finances.

We combine modern technology and traditional advisory services, so that you can manage your finances within one convenient space.

Client Testimonial
"I've never invested before in my life so i was very skeptical. JustFA have been amazing and have walked me though every single step. I don't know what i was ever worried about" - Harry
Platform Services
Financial Advice facilitation, Custody and Execution services, 24/7 access to your investments through the Client Portal.
0.25% Per Year
Investment Management
Management of your investment portfolio in accordance with your risk attitude and financial circumstances.
0.25% Per Year
Advisory Services
Comprehensive annual Financial Reviews, investment recommendations and support in investment implementation.
From 0.50% Per Year
(subject to initial on-boarding fee)

How It Works

Easy online process, supported by your adviser from start to finish

Register and have an online call with an adviser to establish your future
Based on your financial goals, we will advise where is best to invest your money
Regular reviews and recommendations from your adviser to ensure your investments are always working for you

Partnership with Advisers

Modern Platform for servicing your clients, combining Advice and Investment process

Advice Process
We will help you to optimize your processes, minimize administrative work and free your time to service more clients
You will have access to quality Investment proposition for your clients and easy investment tools
On-line convenience
Easy online communication within one convenient space – save your time by meeting and servicing your clients online

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