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We make every client's experience enjoyable. A wide range of tools are available at your fingertips so you can engage with your advisers.

Securing your future

We believe that investing for the future is for everyone

JustFA helps UK financial advisers provide you with affordable high-quality financial advice, to help people from all walks of life plan their future. Clients on the JustFA platform are provided with advisory and investment services online, using the latest technology, to make it easier and more convenient for clients to use.

Securing your future
  • What is JustFA platform?

    JustFA platform enables interactions between clients and their financial advisers. We offer a range of services to the clients including Investment and Pension accounts, custody and investment management, which are used by the clients on recommendations from their advisers.

  • How can I become a client of JustFA?

    You need to talk to your Financial Adviser first to see if they are currently with JustFA or would like to register to service you on JustFA platform. Your adviser will then be able to help you to onboard on JustFA Client Portal and to advise you on JustFA products and services suitable for you.

  • Do I need a Financial Adviser to become a client of JustFA?

    You need to have a Financial Adviser who is registered with JustFA to become a client of JustFA platform.

  • If I don’t have a financial adviser, can JustFA recommend one?

    In case you do not have a Financial Adviser, we can recommend you a qualified adviser who is registered with JustFA.

  • Are my assets safe with JustFA?

    The custody services for your assets are provided by a well-established custody firm authorised by FCA, so that your assets are safe and secure, protected by the government compensation scheme.

  • Who manages my investments at JustFA?

    There are a number of investment portfolio options available on JustFA platform and your Adviser will recommend one of them to you based on your personal circumstances. All investment portfolios on JustFA are managed by companies authorised by FCA and specialised in discretionary investment management.  

  • How will I keep track of my investments?

    You will have 24/7 access to the history and current valuations of your accounts and regular investment reports. All the documents related to your investments are available for you to see on JustFA client portal.

  • Can I contact my financial adviser via JustFA client portal?

    JustFA is built to support fully online interaction between advisers and their clients. JustFA client portal allows you to communicate to your adviser via chats, audio or video calls. Just open a chat window and reach out. 

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