Financial Wellbeing: What does your firm need?


Holistic financial wellbeing, a term already well used in the U.S., is growing in popularity as a concept here in the UK.

What is it? Well, you probably know it as sound financial advice and planning. 

Planning and advice that doesn’t simply stop at wealth maximisation, but goes further, helping your clients realise their true personal goals by aligning them with financial ones. 

It’s probably a core part of your firm’s existing proposition, but your clients might not yet realise. 

That’s because central to holistic financial wellbeing is strong communication and a sophisticated application of technology. 

Showing your clients that you really are there for them, ready to help them meet their personal as well as financial goals and step in during life’s larger moments, is key, and arguably as important as performing the work itself. 

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But in today’s blog, we’ll be discussing the tools you need to show your clients you’re serious about their holistic financial wellbeing. 

From the key face-to-face communication tools, right through to the marketing utensils, these instruments ensure that you can communicate your service properly, and fulfil it too. 

Remote communication tools

When ensuring holistic financial advice, harnessing the right communication tools is vital. 

Your firm should always be prepared to go beyond the boundaries of a scheduled meeting framework. 

As you’ll already be aware, personal events that impact the life and financial goals of your clients often show themselves at unexpected times. Ensuring that your client can jump on an easily navigable software and have face-to-face time with their adviser anywhere in the world, will go miles for client satisfaction.

It’s as much about your clients just knowing the option is there, as it’s actually being on those calls. In practice, these calls are few and far between, but finding the right platform, that is easy to use and sophisticated enough to sync with your wider firm operations, will be key in letting your clients know your firm is one that really goes the extra mile for their clients.

Email marketing software (when used correctly)

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s quite likely that your firm already practises many of the key pillars that financial wellbeing promotes. 

Aligning personal goals with professional and financial goals, standing in with quality advice throughout tougher moments, and ensuring that your proposition can stretch to advise your client’s family, are just some of the things you are, most likely, already doing. 

But many clients aren’t actually aware of the lengths their firm goes to, because the firm fails to market their services with the correct techniques and tools. This is perhaps no better demonstrated than by the misuse of email newsletters. 

For most firms, this type of marketing is used to promote content, market analysis and other more general pieces of content. 

Whilst these are important, it only scratches the surface, in terms of the value that can be provided to your clients. 

The right marketing software should be used to segment your audience, and provide a far more personalised experience for them.  Every major email marketing software, like HubSpot or MailChimp, offers this. By utilising this segmentation, your firm can tailor a response about specific client anxieties some hold but others don’t, or promote more niche areas of your services, like those aimed at helping your clients' loved ones. You’ll know who needs to hear such communication, and it won’t be every client. 

Offering tailored communication away from face-to-face meetings, helps you to demonstrate your firm as one that can go a step further than simple wealth maximisation: effective newsletter marketing is a key marketing tool that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Admin assistant technology

As a financial adviser, making sure your clients’ personal and financial records are safe and secure is vital for obvious reasons we won’t go into. 

Many financial advisers will also want to note ongoing personal development, so this can be aligned with financial goals - another hallmark of financial wellbeing. 

To avoid confusion, and endless paper-trail and admin nightmares, it’s always a good idea to ensure you’re utilising technology that can keep all of this essential documentation in one place. 

This technology should be easy to access, secure and in a central location, synced to your extended technology stack.

Your clients will expect to be able to access some of this documentation, so easy navigation is always crucial. 

One platform that enhances financial wellbeing? JustFA has it all

As you’ll probably have concluded yourself, the need for an intuitive all-in-one system that lets advisers communicate over video call, voice call and message, as well as service clients in a more traditional sense, is imperative to providing financial wellbeing. 

With client reporting tools, a compliance-ready framework and a suite of communication devices that can deliver real impact, we created the JustFA platform with your clients, and advisers in mind. 

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