How to Add Online Proposition to Your Advice Business in 5 weeks


Financial advisers have traditionally been focusing on face-to-face client meetings, but the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we do business. As a result, more and more people switched to remote working and zoom meetings have become a new norm. 

Financial advisers also had to adapt to a new reality, and the ability to service clients online became one of their top priorities. But different people think of online propositions differently. For example, some advisers think of online servicing only as the ability to meet their clients via zoom. But others look for technology solutions that can streamline their business, automate most of the manual processes, allow them to reach clients in any part of the country and free advisers' time to focus on what they love - helping clients achieve financial wellbeing. 


But it is difficult to implement the new technology-driven processes because different systems currently do different functions - back-office, risk-profiling, fact-find, investment selection, communications etc. So if you want to adopt a hybrid proposition you need to spend on integration, as well as the systems themselves. 


We all know that implementing new technology requires extensive resources and experience. So how can I achieve that with limited time and money, one may say? 


The answer to this question is JustFA, where we integrated the whole advice process. 


What is JustFA? 


JustFA is more than a platform and allows financial advisers to build a more valuable business. 


We have developed a technology solution that combines adviser back-office and clients' communication tools with investment platform functionality and various investment options. And more importantly, you can add an online proposition to your existing advice business and start servicing clients online in just 5 weeks. 


How to get started with JustFA? 


It is effortless to get started on JustFA. Once you chatted with one of our sales representatives and decided to add the JustFA platform to your current proposition, all you have to do is complete these three steps. 


Onboarding meeting


During the onboarding meeting, we will help you decide your regulatory framework to use JustFA, choice of investment portfolios, branding, and documentation options and will answer any other questions you might have.


You will also need to appoint your JustFA Champion - the main point of contact from your side who will be responsible for smooth implementation. 


After the meeting, we will require you to complete the Advisory Firm Application Form (with all the details of your setup on JustFA) within 1 week so that we can proceed to your platform setup and training. 


Platform setup and training


By the end of Week 2, we will set you up on the JustFA test site and organize the Induction Meeting to show you how it will work for your company and your clients. After the setup and induction session, we will provide your team with logins and access to the JustFA test site to enable familiarisation and understanding of the system. 


During this time, we will be available to answer all your questions and will provide as much training and support as you need. 


Due Diligence


One week after your induction session, we would like to be able to confirm all the information required for the Due Diligence process undertaken by ourselves and our 3rd party partners. Their Due Diligence process is expected to be completed within two weeks of submission.


Going Live on JustFA


Immediately after the due diligence is complete, we will create your personalized space on the production site, including your company logo, suitability reports templates and other personalized features, ready to commence onboarding your clients! 


If you have any questions or are just interested to learn more about JustFA, please book a Discovery Call with one of our team members. 

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