Guest Blog: Game for Clients of Tomorrow


By Kirill Ilinski, CEO of Fusion Group

Guess who saw multiple increases in their customer base during pandemics? Forget Xbox, it is online brokers. People sitting at home viewed it as an excuse to have a “game”. A large chunk of them lost money by now, we have always said that one should not confuse investment and entertainment. But: there is one segment of (future) clients for whom the “game” element is actually healthy and needed – these are children of your existent clients, your clients of tomorrow.

Gamification is the new buzzword. Stop fighting it and think about how we can use it. What puts kids apart from their parents – our IFA clients? Clients are too busy to learn about the intricacies of investments (that is why they hire us!!!), they have other interests, they are, generally, not that curious and, what is important, they are usually quite realistic about their abilities. Kids, on the other hand, are curious and have time on their hands. And they think that they are more clever than their parents. Mine definitely do! Kids are grateful audiences eager to hear more about their investments (from you, not from their parents!!!), to argue, to learn and to try.

Marry this with tech, online and interactive, and you will get the most loyal promoter of your business in the families – it is they who will be talking about you and their success around the dinner table! The parents will be grateful to you (and loyal) too. Just think about the longevity of the relationship – I am sure you can still remember your teachers, but have long forgotten about your first bank manager! This relationship will survive changes in locations, career changes and marriages. Here you create clients for life.

Last, but not least, you also can benefit from this intellectually and professionally. Kids swim in information – Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram. They can be your scouts in the new world of crypto, NFTs, and DeFi – that’s exactly what you need to show off with your golf buddies!

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